Cloudopt Extension

It may be the most powerful security plug-in in the eastern hemisphere, protecting your privacy and security and blocking malicious ads in real time.



Global Cloudopt Installs


Cloud security

Unique cloud reputation assessment mechanism, can effectively protect your browsing security.

Browser security

Prevent malicious websites, and downloads to help you stay away from malicious, phishing sites.

Privacy Security

Effectively prevent websites, advertising companies, and tracking you and fully protect your privacy.

Ad blocking

Intercept malignity ads to help you for the best experience of online.

Why choose Cloudopt?

The Cloudopt Extension is browser-based and supports mainstream browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Cloudopt Extension Regular ad blocker
Ad blocking
Privacy Security
Saves traffic and speeds up loading
Cloud security at the same time
Download protecting
Safe keyboard
Web page acceleration

Cloudopt also provides security optimization solutions for enterprises, Internet cafes, etc.

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